Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Need a better system for storing my promarkers - ideas needed do I'm off for a google - I think they need to be stored on their side so the ink doesn't run, at the moment I have a manageable system - but it appears to have just failed me lol

So currently I have my promarker colour sheet filled in as I find I like the colours on paper rather than look at the actual pens as the paper gives a more accurate colour

I've split the colours up and numbered the relevant draw where they are - so if I'm working on a red piece all y reds are in the same place - I have to dig round sometimes and find the right red it's nothing major but now for example I can't find in the pink draw a certain pink! So I'm off draw diving to find it!


  1. Alcohol Promarkers CAN be stored either way. Its the Aquamarkers that have to be laid flat.
    The letraset website even sell both storage methods for the pens - they should know.

  2. The official answer from Jaqui Q is here:-
    google is your friend...