Sunday, 15 April 2012


Finished this young lady today - again just working on using my markers and getting to grips with them - same Lineart artist as before

Shame I dropped my pen on the paper hence the brown line but it's not important as its all practice

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Need a better system for storing my promarkers - ideas needed do I'm off for a google - I think they need to be stored on their side so the ink doesn't run, at the moment I have a manageable system - but it appears to have just failed me lol

So currently I have my promarker colour sheet filled in as I find I like the colours on paper rather than look at the actual pens as the paper gives a more accurate colour

I've split the colours up and numbered the relevant draw where they are - so if I'm working on a red piece all y reds are in the same place - I have to dig round sometimes and find the right red it's nothing major but now for example I can't find in the pink draw a certain pink! So I'm off draw diving to find it!

Credit where credit is due

After weeks of trying to find the artist to my huge collection of linearts I have stashed away to colour I finally find it!
I've printed an obsessive amount of work from this artist because I love them all and finally I can credit

My last colouring and some future works have all come from the very talented SUREYA over on deviant art!
Huge thanks for some fantastic pieces!

Finished boy

So to continue from my last post I had enormous fun colouring this cute boy! I love the colours used especially his jacket and felt I got some really great shading

Any comments welcome! It's by no means perfect but for a first properly finished colouring project im pretty content with it

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Rediscovered love!

Apologies as it doesn't seem like I've touched this blog, more for my love of my other blog

I had a dabble with y markets it's literally the space of 10 minutes yesterday, it really far me a feel for them again as how much I love them

While working with the techniques I'm using linearts currently supplied by others, with the aim to eventually design my own designs which I'd lie to eventually move into Clothing.

Here is my first part of work in progress, I really appreciate any feedback as I go, I've always struggled with shadows and shading in all art projects, I just can't seem to 'see' where shading etc should be

A massive apology also, I love this line art, and I have about 20 more characters like this, but as these were discovered a while ago I just cannot for the life of me remember the artist, I know I found them on Deviantart but have searched and just cannot find where they are from or who they are by - of anyone knows please point me in the right direction so I can credit accordingly

Work in progress IE, unfinished pictures below